About The Unit

Based on the vision of Ain Shams University to develop the educational process with all its pillars, the establishment of the Central Unit for Curriculum Development and Learning Methods within the Education Strategy Administration units was approved.
Where the interest in establishing this unit came due to the vital role that curricula, academic programs, and methods of teaching and learning play in preparing Ain Shams University graduates and providing them with competencies that qualify them to work and innovate and keep pace with the scientific and technological developments imposed by the current era on the local and regional labor market.
The academic programs and curricula are one of the most important inputs to the educational process, which must be continuously developed in line with international and academic standards that achieve the specifications of a qualified graduate to compete internationally, and this requires planning and developing study programs in higher education institutions to reach global competition.
From here it is possible to define the basic role of the central unit for developing curricula and learning methods in developing existing curricula and programs in colleges to suit the requirements of the current era, in addition to planning new programs in colleges that contribute to upgrading the classification of Ain Shams University regionally and internationally.
Direct and electronic teaching methods that create an advanced learning environment that encourages creativity and innovation.


The Central Curriculum development and Teaching Methods is one of the core units of the education strategy administration of the ASU.
The Unit consist of five sub-departments (Curriculum Development Department, Department of Learning Methods Development, Department of Education strategies, Technical Training and Support Department, curriculum committees in faculties).


Our Vision

The central unit of Curriculum Development seeks to "achieve the entrepreneurship of higher education institutions followed ASU by planning and building academic courses suited to global trends in the development of education to achieve competitiveness, and to graduate student competes in the regional and local labor market".

Our Mission

The Central unit of Curriculum Development promotes excellence at the level of education within the faculties of the University, the upgrading of academic programs and teaching and learning methods in line with the latest orientation of education and the university goals. raising the efficiency of faculty and preparing scientific and operational cadres to develop the evaluation process and meet the needs of the labor market .

Our Objectives


Meet The Team

our Activities

The strategic plan for the Unit was developed in 2020 in line with the strategic plan for the Department of Education Development of the University of Ain Shams, to build and develop the curriculum system and teaching methods, and in line with the global and international trends and future positions required from the graduate of the University of Ain Shams. The Central Curriculum and Teaching Methods Unit is primarily responsible for a range of activities such as: