Coordination of work in similar departments in the faculties of Ain Shams University, where attention was paid to the similar scientific departments within the faculties of the university, and work to achieve integration between these departments through the formation of scientific departments that include a group of faculty members in similar departments, so that these departments aim To bring the views closer and develop the academic programs offered by these departments, and to formulate the general policies on which the development of these departments is based, in a way that contributes to supporting, strengthening and developing them to reach more distinguished scientific production. Which contributes to raising the international ranking of Ain Shams University among international and regional universities. The number of scientific departments at Ain Shams University is 21.

The central unit for the development of curricula and learning methods was concerned with preparing a future vision for the development of the performance of the scientific departments of the similar departments. Learning, scientific content, teaching and learning activities, formative and final evaluation mechanisms, taking into account the presence of some courses that distinguish each college from the other.
Suggesting the introduction of new courses in the programs offered in similar departments that fit the trends and needs of the local and global labor market, and it is possible That specialists from different fields of the labor market participate in its teaching, Designing an exchange program between faculty members in similar departments in the faculties entitled (Multiple Scientific Schools), which allows the exchange of teaching experiences in the departments, allowing the student to receive information from different points of view.
Libraries and auditoriums in other faculties and receiving lectures with their colleagues in the same department in other faculties, setting a clear plan to benefit from the laboratory and library capabilities in similar departments in faculties, Holding scientific conferences between similar departments in faculties dealing with vital topics in the specialization shared by professors from departments and students from similar departments in faculties participate, designing student activities among students of similar departments in faculties such as the “Science Fun” project, which can be implemented by departments Scientific departments and can depend on the simplification of science and the use of simple environmental materials in the design of projects related to the content of the curricula taught by students and related to some life applications of science, It is also possible to implement the proposal of the Department of History by establishing a (historian club), which includes student activities related to the history major, implemented by students of the history departments in the different faculties.
Experience and cooperation in designing activities related to their specializations, Develop a training plan for the members of the supporting body and some teachers in similar departments in the faculties, so that the axes of this plan are determined for the members of the scientific department, and it is about some modern trends in specialization, effective teaching skills, effective communication skills and presentation, university teacher ethics, exchange of experiences between faculty members In similar sections to present their successful experiences in teaching methods and assessment methods for their common courses.

No of similar scientific departments in Ain Shams University are 21 similar departments, which divided into:
What will be accomplished (in progress):