About The Unit

The current era is characterized by development, scientific and technological progress in various fields of life, and the rapid change in institutions of higher education has become the characteristic that we must live in order to achieve advanced scientific outputs, so institutions of higher education are witnessing a great interest at various levels in many countries of the world, as well as witnessing continuous development for the better to keep up with the needs of society and beneficiaries according to educational, educational and technical characteristics in a very standard way.
The Central Unit of Assessment and Evaluation is one of the units of Education Strategy Administration concerned with organizing the measurement process, Assessment and evaluation in addition to managing the exam process in its entirety, where the unit specializes in the strategic plan for Assessment and evaluation and submit proposals to solve problems and meet challenges.


Our Vision

The Central Unit for Assessment and Evaluation becomes a leading and accredited unit of testing, standards and advisory countries, and raise the level of the Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation system at Ain Shams University in line with the latest technological developments.

Our Mission

Provide a range of comprehensive solutions to measure knowledge, skills and abilities and evaluate them with a technological scientific methodology to contribute to achieving justice, transparency and quality, raising the efficiency of faculty and preparing scientific and operational cadres to develop the evaluation process and meet the needs of the labor market.

Our Objectives


Meet The Team

our Activities

The unit’s strategic plan was developed in January 2020 in accordance with the strategic plan of the Education Strategy Administration at Ain Shams University, in order to achieve the construction of the measurement, Assessment and evaluation system in accordance with national and international standards where the Central Assessment and Evaluation Unit is mainly responsible for a range of activities such as: